Awesome Resources

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This page contains links to some of my favorite real estate investor resources online. I’ll be adding to this list often!

Real Estate Websites – What else do you need?

Real Estate Calculators

Looking to analyze deals better? I’ve got two great options for you:

1.) My own “Spreadsheet” developed after years of trial and error. Click here to learn more. 

2. ) The BiggerPockets Property Analysis Software – I helped develop these. Probably the best things ever.

Real Estate Courses

Cash Flow Freedom University – From Ben Leybovich over at I don’t often recommend courses, but Cash Flow Freedom University is cheap and incredibly fulfilling. Ben is a smart guy, so if you need a real estate education course to build a solid platform, get his today. Ben only opens up his course every once in a while, but you can get a ton of free content right now, including a free 90-minute training and 4 eBooks. 100% free. Seriously, go download that stuff right now and you’ll be 5 steps closer to being a real estate mogul.

Hard Money Lenders


Check out The BiggerPockets Hard Money Lender Directory if you are looking for hard money lenders!


Here’s are my 7 favorite real estate books and here is part two with 7 more!

Here is the first full-length book I’ve written – The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down. It’s pretty awesome.


Free 90-Minute Training and 4 eBooks