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Welcome to Real Estate In Your Twenties!Thank you for taking time to check out Real Estate In Your Twenties!  My name is Brandon and I am an active real estate investor, musician, globetrotter, entrepreneur, and hopeless romantic. I don’t like jobs, bosses, careers, or depending entirely on a business I can’t control to tell me how I should run my life. Along with my gorgeous wife Heather, I have spent the past five years discovering ways to “hack” the real estate investing game to allow me to live life on my terms.  In the process, I have discovered hundreds of tips, tricks, techniques, and pitfalls that I now get to share with you.This blog is designed to help you avoid those mistakes and help train and encourage young people like myself to jump into the world’s largest game and play to win.Do you have to be in your twenties to learn from this site?  Of course not!  Whether you are twenty-one or sixty-one, this site is designed to teach anyone principles, tips, tricks, and techniques to get into real estate investing without years of financial backing and experience.

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Here are a few articles to get you started:
1.) The Marcy Street Case Study #1

2.) Getting Started Investing In Real Estate

3.)  How to Quickly Analyze a Single Family Home For Investment

4.) Seven Must-Read Books For Real Estate Investors

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