Property Investment: 5 1/2 Tips for Success

by Brandon

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property investment

I was 12 years old when I took off my face.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t my whole face, but it was a good section of skin covering my nose, forehead, and chin. And if it hadn’t been for that rock getting in the way of the wheel on the scooter I was riding, I would have landed that jump just fine.

Stupid rock.

(Stupid kid.)

But it’s okay. I got better. My skin healed.  I learned.

Besides… chicks dig scars.  

Now I watch for rocks before doing sweet jumps. Or I just don’t do sweet jumps anymore.

But that’s the point of growing up: making choices and learning from those consequences. 

And in some ways, I’m still learning. Only today, those rocks are different. Today I’m not landing many sweet jumps, but I am landing sweet property investments, and most of the time I land them alright.

Every once in a while, of course, I hit a rock.

And it hurts. And I lose some of my face.

But it’s okay. I get better. My skin heals. I learn.

And chicks dig scars. 

That’s what I want to share with you today – some of the things I’ve learned; I want to point out the rocks so you can save some of your facial skin and stay pretty.

But not too pretty.

So the following are 5 and 1/2 tips for making your first (or next) property investment. Pay attention (or don’t. It’s all good.)

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