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It was the result of a five hour test I had taken to determine my greatest personality strength, so my boss could better “guide me into paths of increasingly productive work behavior”. Out of 50 or so strengths, I scored highest in being what the test described as “Maximizer”. My first thought involved spandex, a damsel in distress, and a ray-gun to fight crime. I can handle that. The truth, however, was not so glamorous.

As it turns out, a “maximizer” is simply a person who’s goal in life is to find the shortest distance between starting and ending, thus “maximizing” results with minimal work. In other words, I seek to be get as much as I can for as little effort as possible.

Accurate? You bet.

Flash back to 4th grade. My punishment from my parents for the crime I had committed was to “write sentences”. I’m sure most of you are familiar with this cruel and unusual form of punishment, but for those of you brought up by more civilized forms of punishments like beatings and public humiliation, “writing sentences” was inflicted to brainwash a simple phrase or sentence into the heads of children by writing the words over and over and over.

Like Bart Simpson on the chalkboard, I was forced to write thousands of sentences in a notebook, stating important promises like “I will not take off my pants in public” or “I will not shave a mohawk into my sister’s hair”. That is until my maximizer strength kicked in.

In a moment of genius and inspiration(or endless boredom), I took two pencils, taped them together side-by-side, and began writing two lines at a time. This worked so well I decided to see how many pencils I could tape together and still write. The answer?


My “thousand” sentences turned into just over forty, and within minutes I was finished. I was on my way to maximizing my way through life. Throughout high school, college, and my beginning years in the corporate world, I instinctively found every shortcut, trick, and tip to get things done faster and with less effort. That’s when I discovered Real Estate, and began plotting the shortest path between the life I had and the life of freedom I wanted.

I am not rich by the worlds standards, I don’t drive a million dollar car, live in a million dollar house, or have a million in the bank (yet). But four years later, I now sleep-in in the morning when I desire. I vacation when I want and where I want. I spend my days working to better my life and the life of those around me, rather than a multinational corporation that exists for the benefit of the shareholders. I am living the life that I want to live. This blog, my friends, is dedicated to teaching you how to do the same, using real estate to fire your boss, fund your adventures, and secure your future.

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Brandon Turner (G+) is the BiggerPockets.com Senior Editor and Community Director and owner of RealEstateInYourTwenties.com. He is also an Active Real Estate Investor (Flips, Apartments, and Buy-and-Hold), Entrepreneur, World Traveler, Third-Person Speaker, and Husband. Come hang out with him on Twitter!

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Zay August 6, 2013 at 2:58 am

Even tho’ Brandon you’re no longer contributing to this site, today marks the day I follow you from where it all began. You have inspired me more than you can image. Sooo! if you’re still recieving these comments consider this my “shortcut”… thanks.


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