Can Real Estate Investing Help Me Pay Off $180,000 of Dangerous Debt?

by Brandon

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Can Real Estate Investing Help Me Pay Off $180,000 of Dangerous Debt?

I think we can all agree that too much debt is dangerous, especially when that debt is from student loans.

That’s why today I wanted to share the email exchange between a BiggerPockets member named Ford (with his permission) and myself. Ford and his wife are struggling to get started with real estate investing and facing an uphill battle due to their student loan debt.

Below I’ve posted Ford’s question, as well as my answer.

I know that Ford is not the only one in this position, so it is my hope this post can help more than just Ford. Perhaps you don’t have $180,000 in student loan debt, but perhaps you are struggling with debt, with trying to buy a house, or trying to invest in real estate with bad credit. Whatever is stopping you from achieving the success you want, let’s see if we can help you out.

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