January 2015

While there are pros and cons to both multi-family and single family investments, multi-family properties have some distinct advantages. Learn more here.

I love multifamily investments.

Ever since that notorious “Kurt Cobain” duplex that I accidentally bought, I’ve been hooked.

Now, I know there is a lot of debate on BiggerPockets about Single Family vs. Multifamily, and I’m not going to say that a person cannot be successful with single-family, but for me and my house, multifamily is the clear winner.

Here’s why.

6 Reasons to LOVE Multifamily Investments Over Single Family Homes







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3 Simple (and Free) Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Investing in Just 8 Minutes a Day

How much time do you spend checking your Facebook each day?

What about email?

Watching TV? Movies?

Hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock?

I’m not judging — these are all important parts of living, and I don’t plan to change them at all. I do recognize that all those little distractions tend to add up and before I know it, my day is gone.

In 2015, I am committed to taking my real estate business further than I ever have before, and for me (and hopefully YOU), a large part of that can be done on BiggerPockets. This blog post is not just about BiggerPockets and growing our businesses. It’s about YOU. Nothing in this list requires a Pro membership, and it’s all 100% free to do — so you have no excuse for not rocketing your business forward every single day.

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By spending just 8 minutes per day on BiggerPockets, you’ll be able to learn more, connect more, and grow further and faster than you ever imagined possible.

Here are 3 different ways you can improve your business — each one takes less than 8 minutes.

3 Simple (and Free) Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Investing in Just 8 Minutes a Day

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Easy DIY Home Projects Anyone Can Do to Save Money (Infographic)

Wanna know a secret about me?

I used to be a general contractor. Yep — for about two weeks.

I was building up my rental portfolio and figured, “Hey…as long as I’m doing all this work on my own rentals, I might as well do it for other people, too.”

Thus “Open Door Maintenance” was born. And within a few weeks…died.

You see, I quickly learned that “being handy” and “being good at running a contracting business” were two TOTALLY different things.

I was not a good contractor.

I realized you don’t need to be a general contractor to do most work around your home or at your investment properties, and you don’t need to be super handy either. You just need to know how to do a few simple tasks. This is why I was excited when Bill from over at 1st-Inplace Home Inspections sent me this infographic. It’s excellent and shares some really great projects that any real estate investor could handle, as well as some safety tips for doing them yourself.

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Enjoy it, and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below! And of course, don’t forget to tweet or share this post on your Facebook!

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Flipping Houses: 101 Awesome Quick Tips for Success

This morning I discovered something terrible while standing in the shower…

I had forgotten a towel. 

And worse, I was not at my house. I’m spending the week with my fellow host of the BiggerPockets Podcast, Josh Dorkin, and his wonderful family and I couldn’t simply streak through the home to get back to my room.

Soaking wet I looked around at my options. I had just one: a small 6″ towel. Let’s just say it took a while to dry off.

You see, I went in unprepared.  Had I spent a few seconds preparing for the morning, I would not have made this simple mistake.

And you know – real estate investing, and house flipping in general, is kind of the same way. (You were wondering how I was going to tie that in!)  If you go in unprepared, you are going to be scrambling for solutions.

Not a good thing.

Therefore, the following list is going to give you 101 “quick tips” to help you prepare for your next house flip so you don’t make the same mistakes I have!

At the end of the list, I want to encourage you to add your own tips in the comment section and, of course, if you would please do me the honor of sharing this post on your social media, I would be forever grateful!

Let’s get going!

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