October 2012

The Marcy flip is complete!

Today I just want to share with you the final photos of the home. Irritatingly so, my nice expensive camera died and I cannot seem to find the battery charger anywhere. So I’m using an iPhone so forgive the quality being a tad low!

In my next blog post l will be letting you in on my new “3-Fold Marketing Strategy” that I am testing for this home.  The strategies I am going to use are different than anything I’ve done before (well, sorta… you’ll see) and I’d love to get your opinion on my ideas! I’m pretty excited. However, for today I just want to show you some pictures Click to continue…

Did you hear that the Real Estate market is about to tank again?

Me too. I’ve also heard it’s on a rebound about to be the most prosperous time we’ve ever seen. Others say its going to stay stagnant for the next twenty years.

So what is the market going to do?

Fail? Surge? Stay?

While it’s wise to try to look to the future and predict where it’s going – the simple fact is Click to continue…

Today I wanted to feature an original article written just for RealEstateinYourTwenties.com by a fellow blogger Nick over at Movoto Real Estate. If you haven’t heard of Movoto or subscribed to their blog – I highly recommend you head over to Movoto.com/blog and check it out. Highly entertaining and great information. You can even calculate how much it would cost to send your home into orbit or how much it would cost to buy Mr. Rogers’ home.  So without further suspense – here’s Nick with “How Much Room Should You Leave in Overhead?” Click to continue…

I want to tell you the story of one of my first “flips.”

The house was called The Eklund house.

It was located in a family neighborhood of good homes that were generally priced $120,000 – $150,000. I was able to buy “The Eklund House” for just $50,000 and spent the next nine months remodeling the home into Click to continue…

This morning I received an email from my real estate agent. A new multifamily property had just been listed. Based on a quick look – it meets my standards.

Almost (I explain the major downside later.)

So rather than simply go through the deal and decide what to do all by myself,  I decided to record the process I go through to show you exactly how I go through a real estate investment. Below is a video that chronicles my step-by-step process for investigating a property and deciding what do about it.

Please forgive me as this is my first video online ever! However, I hope it will be beneficial to you and will teach you how to analyze a deal.

This video is a little bit long, but I guarantee it’s full of great information that I think you’ll love!

In this video you’ll learn:

  • How to search online for properties
  • How to find public information about the property
  • How to learn exactly how much cash you’ll get from the property
  • How to determine if it’s best to flip, hold, or “hybrid” a property
  • What my cat sounds like (she’s a little vocal in this video at times…)

So what are you waiting for? Click Click to continue…

Happy Saturday everyone!

Do you know anyone who wants to buy their first home? This post is for them!

For some light weekend reading, I wanted to upload a Home Buying Infographic made by a friend, Samuel Ott, from STLRealEstateLLC.com. I like infographics because I’m a visual learner and they remind me of grade school (in a good way!)  If you know anyone who would be interested in this, feel free to share it!

Also, I have a project in the works that I’ll be talking more about in the coming weeks but Click to continue…