July 2012


(Originally Published Nov 29th 2012)

I’m moving!

No, not to a new physical location… but a new online place! But more on that in a second!

This post contains all the answers for the questions that were asked both in email and on my previous blog post, “What’s Your Biggest Real Estate Investing Question.”  I received a ton of questions (thanks!) and I’ve spent the past week answering them. The results are below, all 7000+ words! However, before you read it: I want to share some really really exciting news: Click to continue…



The sun is shining (shocking for Western Washington this year), my new hardwood floors are almost completely refinished (for my future home), and I just finished a delicious homemade chipotle chicken sandwich made by my darling wife. Today is a good day.

It’s also a good day because today John Fedro is going to share part three of his lesson on mobile home investing below.  Simply put, John is the go-to guy for mobile home investing in America and I am honored to have him write a post for RealEstateInYourTwenties.com and teach us about the four “Fs” of real estate investing. Without further hesitation, here’s John: Click to continue…

Perhaps I’m experiencing “writer’s block.”

I’m not sure, because I’m not actually a “writer.” I’m just a real estate entrepreneur who is looking to refine his skills, share his knowledge, and speak in third-person more often. So perhaps it’s writer’s block or perhaps it’s just the fact that my mind is 100% focused on my newest acquisition – a new home I am remodeling for my wife and I to move into (photos coming soon!)

Either way, writing has been tough over the past couple weeks. However, today I spent some time talking with a friend about how she should get into investing. She has watched me grow from a renter to an owner to a full-time investor and is eager to join the party. After this discussion, I realized the questions she asked me were the same questions you are probably asking yourself:

“How do I start?”

“What should I buy?”

“How can I make sure I don’t fail?”

Thus, the end of my writer’s block and the emergence of this post. Without further suspense, I want to share with you my opinion of the best type of property you should buy if you are just starting out and looking to find a better use for your time and money. The answer? Click to continue…

When pursuing my recent acquisition, I met with several lenders who were interested in funding my deal. To each lender I gave a “Investment Property Calculator” spreadsheet which included detailed information about the home. One of those lenders told me,

“Brandon, if more people put together an analysis like this – they would find themselves with more funding than they would know what to do with.”

This statement, besides being the inspiration for this post, was great confirmation that my obsessive nature of creating a high-quality Investment Property Calculator for my lenders was not a waste of time. Below, I’ll show you how you can get my exact property analysis to use on your own deal-making.

The Investment Property Calculator

Despite what the Guru’s say – attracting hard money is not “based on the property.” Hard money, while secured by the property being purchased, is not Click to continue…